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Anushka Kapadia is a Master Certified Health Coach, an Oncology Nutritionist, Transformational Wellness Specialist, Mental and Emotional Eating Psychologist and an Autoimmune Disease Health Coach (Washington, USA).

Nutrition and wellness is not Anushka's first career. During her Masters in Business Management at W.P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University, USA, she came to know how cancer, autoimmune diseases, stress disorders and many other chronic health conditions were a major cause of death in not just America but the worldwide.

While many of her teammates and friends had lost their loved ones while battling these diseases, she also came across a few people who had walked a 'Holistic Way' during their healing journeys.

These people who had initially accepted their chronic conditions to be a death sentence, eventually had learnt to put their diseases in remission with a proper nutrition protocol and many alternative wellness therapies, which conventional medical institutions don't offer.

This had motivated her enough to get enrolled in a Disease Specific Nutrition Program and this is how she is following her passion today and helping people heal. With a personalized and multifaceted evidence-based whole food nutrition and supplementation protocol, targeted lifestyle modification and bioenergetic modalities, she believes that our bodies could be nutritionally influenced to prevent and defeat not only cancer but many other chronic health conditions.

Her program can work alongside standard conventional therapies too. Her nutritional therapies could help more of us avoid life threatening chronic diseases entirely and may significantly improve outcomes as well as quality of life during both treatment and survivorship. She strongly believes that with her wellness protocols, people can not just survive but literally thrive.

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